Why this website?


We care about God's law, for so many reasons. Apart from Jesus himself, God's law is the most detailed expression of God's character to which we have access. Jesus himself was constantly pointing people to God's law (and not just the ten commandments) as a guide for their ethics. When Jesus said: "Love your neighbor as yourself ...", he was quoting from Leviticus 19.

According to Psalm 19, God's law will:

  • refresh your soul
  • give you wisdom
  • rejoice your heart
  • enlighten your eyes

God's law guides our decision-making, showing us the right ethical choices and ordering our values properly.

God's law guarantees our liberty, by setting limits upon all human authorities: parents, church, and civil government. When you know the law, you can immediately spot where human usurpers are sinfully adding (Deut. 4:2) to God's commands. So-called Christians are among the worst usurpers of God's authority.

For centuries, Christians have systematically failed to teach and support God's law. They have:

  • dismissed it as being abolished (the sin of antinomianism/moral relativism)
  • denied its power as a limit upon human authority (the sin of usurpation)
  • distorted and added to it to support their own covetousness (the sin of Phariseeism)

If you claim to be a Christian, and you're guilty of any of these, you'd better repent of your sin. This means that you must move in the opposite direction: teach the lawful use of the law, and show people why it is an expression of God's character.

If you don't repent, and persist in your distortion of God's character, then people who know the law are going to rebuke you, chapter and verse. We will do this because we love you: Lev. 19:17-18. If we hated you, we would say nothing and let God do the rest. When you stand against God's law, you stand against His character.

The purpose of this site is to stand up for God's written expression of His character. You can use anything original to this site, any way you want, if it will help. Don't worry about attribution, just get the information out there. If you want to support this site, just contact us. If you disagree with our interpretations of God's character, we encourage your feedback. If you just want to sit back and watch Christian sacred cows get harvested, sign up for our (low volume) digest newsletter.

If you heard a whole group of people, including your own pastor, distorting and falsifying the character of your best friend, what would you do?